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"Personnel are very professional and always willing to satisfy the customer. They listen and are quick to address any special requests. They are also dependable. I never have to worry about the Jan-Pro team arriving as scheduled."
- Benson Home Builders
"Don't know much about the product, we trust Jan-Pro in whatever they use. It smells clean after Jan-Pro has been and the place looks real good. Jan-Pro does a wonderful job for us."
- Winterville Equipment Company
"Jan-Pro does a great job ~ takes such good care of our office!!"
- Raleigh Developer
"Building is clean every Monday morning when we come in"
- Raleigh Plumbing Company
"We have been a customer for years, and whenever we have an issue (rarely) it is addressed right away. Customer satisfaction obviously is extremely important to Jan-Pro."
- Durham Accountants
"Consistently good service!"
- Raleigh Medical Professional
"Very thorough and courteous. I've never had to address any problems with Jan-Pro."
- Raleigh Office Building
"Excellent workers who take pride in their work."
- Clayton Church
"I have been thoroughly impressed with Jan-Pro and would recommend their services to anyone! It has been a pleasure to work with them, and their professionalism and courtesy is a 10+++."
- Cary Dentist
"I can always count on a clean office every Monday morning when I arrive at work."
- Durham Construction Company
"The current crew is very thorough. They leave nothing to be done after they leave."
- Raleigh Nonprofit
"The cleaning representative that comes to this location is courteous and thorough."
- Raleigh Construction Company
"Whenever there have been issues, the franchise owner sees that it is corrected as quickly as possible."
- Raleigh Attorney
"Nsemi does an excellent job for us and we are very grateful!"
- Raleigh Building Company
"The products used have a clean fragrant smell. The service is outstanding. We never have an issue and if we need a little extra done they always promise to get it on the cleaning night. Wonderful."
- NC Equipment Company
"Timeliness, consistency, friendliness of staff"
- Fayetteville Treatment Center
"Good, consistent service."
- Raleigh Healthcare Company
"The products do not have strong chemical odors but still get the job done. Our Jan-Pro specialist is always on time, professional and courteous."
- Durham Administrative Office
"Greener than most companies!"
- Raleigh Dentist
"Great follow-up and very thorough!"
- Raleigh Media Management Company
" Jan-Pro does a GREAT job for us ~ we are very pleased!"
- Raleigh Real Estate
" I love having a clean office when I walk in on Monday Mornings. I have always had great service over the 4 years I have used Jan-Pro."
- Durham Construction
" Quality work. Responsive to requests."
- Morrisville Freight Company
"Dependable services and also any time that I have had any issues at all, they are immediately addressed and resolved."
- Durham Accountant
" reps are very responsive to our concerns when they arise"
- Raleigh Supply Company
" Easy to reach and takes care of problems in a timely fashion"
- Fuquay-Varina Church
"Services done well; prompt response to any requests made."
- Raleigh Psychiatrist
"Everyone has been professional and courteous. I would absolutely recommend Jan-Pro!!!!"
- Cary Dentist
"Prompt service, quick response to our needs."
- Wake Forrest Business
"Excellent service! Jan-Pro does a great job for us ~ we are very satisfied and would recommend Jan-Pro!"
- Raleigh Attorney
" Jan-Pro does a wonderful job at our location. They are very dependable and always do their best."
- Raleigh Jeweler
" Services are handled in a professional manner. Very friendly."
- Mortgage Company
" Building is always clean when we arrive on Monday mornings."
- Raleigh Plumbing Company
"Our cleaning rep does a great job for us. He is friendly, efficient, and consistent."
- Raleigh Supply Company
" Worry free service. Always clean and dependable."
- Roxboro Financial Service
"Whenever something is not acceptable, Jan Pro responds and takes care of it asap"
- Raleigh Supply Company
"Your employees are a great asset to your company. We really appreciate Belinda."
- Raleigh Dentist
"Courteous and professional staff. They have always been accommodating of our schedules and our desire to customize the process to fit our needs."
- Durham Administrative Office
"You are very friendly/easy to work with. You do your job very well."
- Wake Forest Church
"Staff is highly professional, friendly and responsive to our needs."
- Raleigh Orthopedic Company
"I like the vendor that you gave us that does the cleaning for us. They are professional and are doing a great job keeping everything clean."
- NC College
"Excellent cleaning ~ Nsemi Mukambu does an outstanding job each week! It shows that he takes great pride in his work."
- Raleigh Real Estate
" I like coming into a clean office on Monday mornings. I can always count on Jan Pro."
- Durham Construction Company
" We do not have to explain what needs to be done each week and everything is always to our expectations."
- Durham Accountant
"He and his wife are very hard working and take pride in what they do. I enjoy having them here."
- Durham Restaurant
"Jan-Pro is outstanding and delivers exceptional customer service!!"
- NC Healthcare
" Thorough and thoughtful staff!"
- Clayton Doctor
"Very professional and reliable"
- Triangle Biotech Company
"I respect and appreciate the focus you give to quality, following up with customers, etc."
- Raleigh HVAC Company
"I like that I have a person who responds to my additional cleaning requests in a timely manner. Also a friendly and trustworthy person that cleans our office"
- Cary ENT Doctor
"Cleaning is done right and on time... and if something is ever missed, correction is made immediately!"
- Mechanical Supply Company
"Our offices are always clean on Monday mornings!"
- Raleigh HVAC & Plumber
"I really like the responsiveness I receive whenever I have a special request, or need some extra help."
- Restaurant Company
"Continual followup and excellent service."
- Raleigh HVAC Company
"They clean well and fix issues fast."
- Raleigh Dentist
"Janpro does a thorough job cleaning. And if any issues do come up they are quick to address them and correct the situation."
- Fayetteville Car Dealer
"I love coming into a clean office every Monday morning."
- Construction Company in Durham
"I like how thorough the cleaning is."
- Home Builder in Raleigh
"I like the staff...very friendly and very professional."
- Global Biotechnology Company
"Dependable, honest, and does a good job."
- Material Handling Company
"Your staff is friendly, prompt, and do an excellent job"
- Raleigh HVAC Company
"Mike does a very good job for us."
- ABC Supply Company
"Our offices are clean every Monday when we come in"
- Raleigh Plumbing Company
"Excellent service!"
- Homebuilder in Creedmoor
"Great people. Very friendly services!"
- Grocery Store in Raleigh
"Consistently good cleaning"
- Therapy Practice in Raleigh
"I appreciate the promptness and commitment to quality Jan-Pro has shown our company."
- Global Jewelry Supplier in RTP
"Mike does a nice job for us. He is thorough and understands our needs. The folks at Jan-Pro are very good about following up and ensuring that we are satisfied."
- Building Material Wholeseller in Durham
"Good communication between us and if there are any concerns they are addressed immediately."
- Dental Practice in Raleigh
"Our offices look great ~ doing a wonderful job! Highly recommend."
- Residential Builder in Raleigh

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Use JAN-PRO’s Commercial Post-Move Cleaning Services for Moving Season

Stack of moving boxes in Raleigh, NC


Spring has sprung and with summer on the way, that means moving season is here as well. Moving a home can be stressful enough, but when you consider moving your entire business, that’s another set of responsibilities altogether. Don’t stress yourself or your employees out with mundane cleaning tasks –– hire the post-move commercial cleaning services at JAN-PRO to take over everything else once you’ve moved your desks, electronics and appliances.


Our Raleigh, NC office cleaning crews are well-versed in a variety of cleaning techniques and green cleaning product usage, taking care to leave no surface, carpet or floor untreated when you move out of your current facilities. We also take care to utilize green cleaning products for every cleaning request, taking pride in our environmentally friendly efforts.


JAN-PRO scrubs offices, medical facilities, banks, churches, schools and more down with cleaning agents that do not contain butyl, and are recognized as hospital-grade disinfectants. We also use microfiber flat mops that substantially cut down on our water usage, and reduce the amount of dirt and contamination that traditional mops spread through excess water. JAN-PRO’s Raleigh cleaning services also include the use of vacuums that suck up 99.9% of errant materials from your carpet with a four-part filtration system.


Extensive Cleaning Services for Raleigh, NC Offices from JAN-PRO


If you aren’t moving your office, but are looking for cleaning services, we’d be happy to help you there as well. JAN-PRO excels at cleaning property management and commercial office facilities, and even offers night office cleaning services for minimal employee disruption.


Call JAN-PRO’s Raleigh cleaning office today at 919-460-1777 or fill out our form via our contact page to receive an instant free online quote for our post-move cleaning offerings.

Worry-free Special Event Cleaning Services

business event in Raleigh, NC


When you’re an event planner in charge of a large special event, you have a lot of things to worry about: location, weather (if it’s outdoors), transportation, safety, seating, food, music –– the list goes on and on. Now you can mark one of the biggest, and sometimes overlooked or forgotten, tasks off of your event checklist with the special event cleaning services from JAN-PRO in Raleigh, NC.


When it comes to a professional cleaning company, you will not find a better option anywhere else in the NC Triangle. Our cleaning crews are familiar with a number of specialized requests, including for schools, medical offices, banks, fitness/health clubs, churches, auto dealerships and more. JAN-PRO’s special events cleaning team realizes that urgency is often key, and we can work with event coordinators for set-up, event management and coordination, cleaning up so efficiently afterward that you won’t know an event was there in the first place.


JAN-PRO is particularly equipped to handle the following kind of special events in Raleigh:


  • Marathons

  • Parks

  • Film festivals

  • Street festivals

  • Concerts

  • Sporting events

  • Fairs/carnivals

  • Corporate events


JAN-PRO: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products & Techniques


JAN-PRO maintains a certain level of pride in providing eco-friendly cleaning services and products to special event coordinators across Raleigh. Going green while cleaning up after an event is important, keeping the environment as protected as possible by utilizing cleaning products that are butyl-free but still highly effective.


Call our Raleigh special event cleaners today at 919-460-1777 or visit our contact page to fill out a form to receive an instant online quote for our green cleaning products and offerings.

Is Carpet Cleaning on Your Spring Cleaning List?

cleaning carpet in Raleigh, NC


Offices, schools and other commercial buildings can seem endless to dust, vacuum, scrub and disinfect, with lots of ledges, desks, counters and bathrooms. There’s one big task, however, that many don’t realize can have a drastic effect on their space –– carpet cleaning.

 As something that is under our feet, carpets can be magnets for dirt, dust, pollen and general grit, attracting stains and more. Nothing is more unattractive than a worn or stained carpet –– something about it automatically suggests that your facility isn’t clean, even if it is. But you don’t have to run out, purchase a heavy-duty carpet cleaner and attempt to clean thousands of square feet by yourself. Knock those stubborn spots and added dirt out today by hiring the  Raleigh, NC professional carpet and green cleaning experts at JAN-PRO.

JAN-PRO takes pride in using as many eco-friendly cleaning products as possible, cutting down on potentially harmful chemicals that you and your employees or customers could inhale long after our crews are gone. Our commercial cleaners are capable of handling just about any carpet cleaning request, including for the following types of buildings in Raleigh:



Comprehensive Floor & Carpet Cleaning Resources from JAN-PRO


If your carpets look great, or if you have mainly hard floor surfaces, the Raleigh cleaning professionals at JAN-PRO can help there as well. Our cleaning crews are well-versed in tile and floor refinishing, paying specific attention to detailed areas, such as tile grout or around the walls. Our floor refinishing experts are available to care for tile, slate, linoleum, granite, stone and more.

When you’re ready to freshen up your carpeted or bare floors to usher in the spring, there is no better cleaning solution than the green cleaning team at JAN-PRO. Call our Raleigh commercial cleaners today at 919-460-1777 or visit our contact page to receive an instant online quote for our services.

What’s In the Bottle: Why Using Green Cleaning Products & Services Matters

green cleaning in Raleigh, NC


Going green may have gotten a bad rap over the years for simply being trendy, but it makes sense in lots of instances, especially when it comes to cleaning supplies. The next time you’re in a grocery store, take a look at the back of any cleaning product bottle –– do you recognize all of the ingredients? And if not, are you sure it’s anything that you’d want to breathe in?


Whether you intend to or not, ingesting a small amount of airborne cleaning supplies is inevitable, especially if you are nearby while the treatments are being applied. Depending on what’s in the cleaning products themselves, you could also suffer from chemical burns if a spill occurs.


JAN-PRO proudly uses green cleaning products and processes, such as JP Signature Clean®, JP Technics® and JP Tracker® to help keep our process as eco-friendly as possible. Our cleaners also utilize color-coded, reusable microfiber cloths and high-efficiency vacuum cleaners. Our Raleigh, NC vacuums contain a multi-part filtration system that allows them to suck up 99.9% of all errant particles, down to the size of a micron.

Our Raleigh cleaning crews also only use microfiber flat mops for our extensive floor cleaning services. These are more environmentally friendly than traditional mops because they require the use of less water, and make better use of smaller amounts of cleaning products.

Go Green in Raleigh with JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning


If you need a school, office building, church, car dealership or medical office cleaned, you can trust the Raleigh green cleaning services at JAN-PRO. Call our office today at 919-460-1777 or fill out the form on our contact page to receive a free and instant quote for our commercial cleaners today.

Buggas & Portees: How my 3-year old son inspired me to focus on developing our business to be easy to work with and respond quickly


A few months ago my son David came to me and said, “Daddy, I don’t like buggas,” and then started to clench his fist showing me what a bugga looks like. Naturally my wife and I were confused. He then followed up by saying “I don’t like Portees too,” and displayed this to us as dangling fingers.


3-year old Incite: Buggas,Portees

After a few more days of hearing this, we finally found out what he meant. We were eating Sausage Lasagna as a family and David pushed his plate, panicking like many toddlers, that he was not going to eat his food because of all the buggas and portees. Buggas refers to visible seasoning usually embedded within food like sausage, and portees refers to food that is stringy or dangling, such as the cheese in the Lasagna or the strands of tomato in the sauce. My son’s aversion to his meal was purely visual, inciting a lack of appetite. Like most parents, I thought my son was hilarious in creating his own words for referencing his distaste for food, but only recently was he able to inspire me with his simple wisdom for getting what he wants.
A few days ago we had a long time customer call into the office and demand to speak to someone in charge, because she was requesting an answer to a request made four-days prior. She stated she left numerous messages with a member of my team in requesting an additional service at a second location, and needed to know if we wanted her business or not. Upon hearing this I was frustrated, as any business-leader should be, because my pride is so heavily invested in what we do here. Upon investigation I learned that my team-member was leaving her messages but not able to connect with her. To me this is a Portee, an incident where something is dangling, and because of the loose-ends we as the service provider did not take the initiative to tie-things up and avoid not meeting a customer’s deadline. As a business leader it is my responsibility that we work with our team to insure all customers needs are being met with a timely response, if this is not likely with that team-member, then we need to change that member.
Around this same time another customer of ours requested that a new field services representative be assigned to them because the customer felt that our representative was difficult to work with. Delving into this I learned that we had a situation where my employee was trying to explain that a service we provide is underbid, and therefore was trying to explain it to the customer. The customer took this not as a, “You’re wrong! I refuse to pay money,” situation, but rather as a “I understand but I feel like the people I contract are putting me in a hard spot and do not care about me as much as themselves.” In this situation the customer agrees and understands that we are losing money by providing more service then what we make in revenue for that service, but we took a defensive stance out of the gate that was devoid of empathy. This is a bugga, a situation where we are so embedded in the fact that because the customer ordered something and got what they paid for, we feel right in rubbing that into our customer’s face. When we remove empathy, clench our fists and treat our customer like an agreement or scope of services, then that will cause them to hunker down, and treat us like a service provider which they can get from someone else. Our customer will agree, (even though they won’t admit it to us,) that they made a mistake in what they requested, but will gladly seek their solution from a competitor of ours.
Whatever business you are in or service you provide, I ask that you keep my three-year old son David in the back of your mind, to insure that you deliver quickly and pleasantly, so that you receive repeat business, and long-term financial gain. Commit to not serve buggas and portees.

(Pre)School’s Out for the Summer –– Now It’s Time to Clean

empty pre-school room


Our Raleigh, NC preschool and kindergarten teachers already provide a lot to the community by guiding and teaching our youngest school-age children. From art projects to ABC’s and colors, our teachers are kept busy ensuring every child is retaining the information needed to advance to elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond. The last thing a teacher should have to worry about at the end of the school year is cleaning.

Kids can excel at a lot of things like drawing, sports, music and making a big mess. Once the glitter, glue sticks and markers are cleaned up, they can still leave things behind. Don’t stress out the teacher who has worked hard toward their summer break –– hire the professional school cleaning services at JAN-PRO.


Our Raleigh commercial cleaners can overcome just about any mess, treating carpets, floors and more with green cleaning supplies. JAN-PRO’s industrial cleaners will treat the following places in preschools, kindergartens and schools in Raleigh:


  • Restrooms. Often ground zero for germs, our cleaners will disinfect all bathroom surfaces from the counters and fixtures to the stall walls and push plates with hospital-grade cleaners.

  • Carpets. We’ll use industrial-style cleaners to disinfect and deep clean all carpeted surfaces, refreshing and enlivening spots that may have become worn down over the school year.

  • Hard floors. Eliminate a year’s worth of hard-to-remove dirt with our extensive floor cleaning products, including flat mops and color-coded microfiber cloths.


Green Cleaning for Raleigh, NC Schools


We realize that while you want your child’s school to be as clean as possible, you also don’t want them to be exposed to a slew of potentially harmful cleaning solutions. That’s why JAN-PRO endeavours to utilize less chemicals, as well as use products that do not contain butyl.

Take advantage of the summer break and deep clean your school. Call the professional commercial cleaners at JAN-PRO today at 919-460-1777 or visit our contact page to receive an instant quote online.

How Properly Cleaning Your Raleigh, NC Medical Office Can Promote Customer Service

Clean hospital hallway


Whether you own a large hospital or small medical lab, one thing’s for sure: keeping it clean and disinfected is a necessity. At JAN-PRO, we believe that properly cleaning your medical office on a regular basis can promote positive customer service. Not only will you give your patients, physicians and staff members a great first impression, but you will feel better about offering your medical services in a sanitary environment.

Why do Raleigh, NC medical office owners across the Triangle area rely on JAN-PRO to clean their facilities? We are proud to be MedMatrix Certified Professionals, which means that we are able to meet, and exceed, safe cleaning codes that are required by a variety of industry regulatory organizations.


Raleigh Commercial Cleaning Services We Can Provide for Your Hospital, Healthcare Clinic or Medical Practice

As a one-stop shop for all of your commercial cleaning needs, you can rely on our commercial cleaners to transform your medical office into a clean, sanitary place in no time at all. We know that your time is important, which is why we work quickly and efficiently so you can get back to running your office.


At JAN-PRO, we offer the following medical office cleaning services in Raleigh:


  • Waste removal

  • Green cleaning methods

  • Surface disinfection

  • Carpet and hard surface floor cleaning

  • Restroom cleaning

  • And more


Give your customers the first impression they deserve and call the Raleigh medical office cleaning experts at JAN-PRO. Our team of professionals look forward to cleaning your patient waiting rooms, surgical suites and more!

JAN-PRO: Combatting Pollen in Your Raleigh, NC Office

Woman with allergies in an office in Raleigh, NC


May is upon us, but that doesn’t mean that pollen has stopped being an issue. If you are noticing that your commercial building has been overrun by pollen, which is irritating your employees and guests, it is time to call in the experts at JAN-PRO.

With years of experience in the office cleaning industry, we know how to get rid of pollen and other spring allergens that are causing you and your employees to cough, sneeze or deal with itchy, watery eyes. Not only can our team of Raleigh commercial cleaners thoroughly clean all of your building’s carpets and floors, but we can also improve the air quality in your business, which means no more breathing in pollen and other spring allergens!


Why Choose JAN-PRO for Your Raleigh Commercial Cleaning Needs?

There are many benefits you will enjoy when you decide to work with JAN-PRO to help combat the pollen in your office:


  • Green products. At JAN-PRO, protecting the environment is important to us, which is why we offer a certified green program when cleaning offices around Raleigh.

  • Highly trained team members. By putting all of our team members through rigorous background checks and five weeks of training, we can ensure that our commercial cleaners will get the job done right.

  • Security. Any one of our team members who enters your property will wear a uniform and prominently displayed I/D badge.

  • Fight cross contamination. By using color-coded micro cloths and flat mops, we can prevent any cross contamination of germs from occurring.


If you are tired of sneezing and sniffling inside your office building due to the pollen outside, call JAN-PRO. Our Raleigh office cleaning professionals would be happy to visit your business and clear it of any allergens.

The Best Office Cleaning Company in Raleigh — Jan-Pro

Cleaning Offices in Raleigh, NC

When looking for the best office cleaning company around, it’s important to find a company with a proven record, attention to detail, and the experience to back it all up.

Jan-Pro was ranked Entrepreneur Magazine’s #1 fastest growing franchise in the world, and for good reason – whether it’s thanks to our environmentally friendly cleaning practices, our comprehensive service offerings, or simply our thorough and professional attention to detail, Jan-Pro strives to keep every customer 100% satisfied.


Don’t take our word for it, though… we have collected a wealth of testimonials from businesses across the Triangle to back us up.


We are thorough…


“Our offices look great ~ doing a wonderful job! Highly recommend.”

~Residential Building Company


“They are thorough and understands our needs. The folks at Jan-Pro are very good about following up and ensuring that we are satisfied.”

~Building Material Wholeseller in Durham


“Consistently good cleaning”

~Raleigh Therapist


We are professional…


“Your staff is friendly, prompt, and do an excellent job!”

~Raleigh HVAC Company


“I like the staff…very friendly and very professional.”

~Global Biotechnology Company


“I really like the responsiveness I receive whenever I have a special request, or need some extra help.”

~Raleigh Restaurant


We are Jan-Pro, and we are the best cleaning company in Raleigh. Read more testimonials from local businesses here, or reach out to us today to learn how we can provide a cleaning solution that’s perfect for your business.


Why You Need to Know about Jan-Pro’s EnviroShield

Jan-Pro Raleigh is committed to offering the best cleaning services on the market. That’s why we offer our clients EnviroShield. EnviroShield is a disinfectant engineered clean surfaces and kill bacteria, all while maintaining the highest possible safety rating.EnviroShield kills bacteria on a molecular level, meaning there is no resistance to it, yet it is harmless to people and pets!

Protect your Office from Harmful Bacteria


EnviroShield Harmless to people and pets

EnviroShield uses SNiPER® as it’s deodorizing agent and disinfectant. SNiPER has been called “The Ideal Biocide” thanks to it’s safe and efficient way of disposing of bacteria on a molecular level. EnviroShield with SNiPER has proven effective on a variety of bacteria, including:


  • NoroVirus
  • H1N1
  • Swine Flu
  • H9N2
  • Avian Flu
  • MRSA
  • and many others


An investment in EnviroShield is not only an investment in cleanliness… it’s an investment in the safety of your employees!


Learn More about Raleigh’s Top Cleaning Services with EnviroShield!


Jan-Pro Raleigh is proud to be one of the most trusted cleaning franchises in the triangle area. Check out some of our amazing testimonials to see what we’ve done for businesses around the triangle, or learn more about how we can use EnviroShield to clean your office and help protect against deadly bacteria!